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You, Inc. The Business of You.


An intensive course that empowers you to create a new life.

What is the You, Inc. Course?

This intensive course is the flagship Life Coaching Program offered by Black Belt Business Advisors. It covers essential personal development components such as: self-knowledge, values, beliefs, goals, skills, accountability and support as well as defining success. These components create your Success Framework. They act as milestones toward your happiness and fulfillment. This life-changing course is organized in such a way that you can easily create a new life vision and confidently move forward in a short period of time. 

Who is it designed for?

The You, Inc. Personal Development Course is perfect for the following situations:

  • Individuals who are in transition in their personal or professional lives
  • Individuals who are seeking a better work-life balance
  • Millennials looking for a holistic approach to living their lives
  • Individuals who are at a crossroads due to job loss, personal loss, divorce or other life events
  • Mid-career professionals asking, “is this all there is”?
  • Individuals who are unhappy or frustrated with their current circumstances
  • Individuals who are motivated to gain new direction and excitement in their lives

What will you gain by taking the You, Inc. course?

  • An in-depth understanding of what makes you unique
  • Clarity of your life vision
  • The ability to make decisions that are congruent with your values
  • The exploration of empowering and disempowering beliefs
  • The creation of a professional skills development plan
  • The establishment of goals that excite and motivate you
  • The ability to view success on your own terms

  What is included?

4 60 Minute Weekly Sessions Delivered via Skype, Google Hangouts or Phone globally by Certified Life Coach David Lopez

  •  4 Interactive sessions with assignments and exercises designed to create a great life.

The Pathfinder Workbook (hard copy mailed to you)

  •  54 pages
  • 17 exercises
  • Covers the Pathfinder Success Framework including chapters on values, beliefs, goals, skills, support and defining success

The Goal Tracker Workbook (hard copy mailed to you)

  • 20 pages
  • 3 main exercises resulting in a 6-month action plan
  • Covers Vision Statements, 6-month Goals and Weekly Task development and tracking

Coaching Journal (hard copy mailed to you)   

  • 20 pages designed to record your journey to a better future                     

Electronic Goal Tracking Spreadsheet (file emailed)

  • A preformatted MS Excel Spreadsheet to help you keep track of your goals every week for 6 months

Unlimited Email Support

  • All emails responded to within 24 hours Guaranteed


What is the Agenda?

Session 1

  • Course and materials overview
  • Personal assessments review
  • Life Vision creation
  • Core Values identification
  • Identification of limiting beliefs and creation of empowering beliefs

Session 2

  • Goal Setting

Session 3

  • Skill Development strategy
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Action Plan development

Session 4

  • Support and Accountability
  • Course Reflection
  • Celebrating Success
  • Staying Motivated and Next Steps

"I was experiencing a difficult period in my life and career. David's coaching helped me to structure and view my goals in a way I never have before. I am now feeling that I am back on the path to success."

V. Grimaldi


"After completing the You, Inc program, I was very satisfied with the results. The exercises allowed me to think more in depth to create a plan for my life, as well as goals and action steps to make sure I complete them. I have completed some goals already ahead of schedule. David Lopez has given me the tools, insights, and ammo to excel on my goals. This course has given me so much clarity and focus to create a life worth living."

Ismael Feliz 


“The greatest gift that I can give another human being is to awaken an awareness of the unlimited potential they have for a wonderful fulfilling future.”

Certified Life Coach David Lopez


“According to the International Coach Federation, 99% of coaching clients are satisfied with the overall experience. In fact, 96% indicated they would repeat the process given the same circumstances that prompted them seeking a coach in the first place.”

Source: World Coach Institute


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The You, Inc. Course $397.00 via PayPal



Accountability Life Coaching Packages Exclusively for You, Inc. Course Graduates only:

Accountability Life Coaching can help ensure your successful attainment of your goals set in the You, Inc. Course.

1 60 minute monthly coaching session via Skype, Google Hangouts, or phone.

$99.50 per month with a 6 month minimum. The total for a 6 month coaching package is $597.00. This includes any forms and tools beneficial towards your success and unlimited email support. This offer includes a money back guarantee at anytime for a full refund of any unused coaching sessions. 

6 Monthly Life Coaching Sessions: $597.00 via PayPal



Hourly Life Coaching

For individuals who want to focus on one specific area or issue on an as needed basis, one hour of life coaching is $100.00 per hour.



This course was designed by David Lopez. David Lopez is a former Director of Training, has a MBA in Entrepreneurship, and teaches entrepreneurship and small business management at Babson College and Suffolk University. David Lopez is a former Certified SCORE Counselor. He also had a successful 30-year career on Wall Street.  He is also a graduate of the Course Design Institute at Suffolk University as well as The Symposium for Entrepreneurial Educators at Babson College. He has been an Advisor, Coach and Mentor to numerous start-ups and CEOs. He is a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Business Coach. David also has been a student of success and successful people for 30 years. The Course materials were created by Benay Wettle and have been adapted with permission by David Lopez. 

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