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Financial Advisor Coaching Solution

A career as a Financial Advisor is definitely challenging and it's not getting any easier.  The effects of a difficult regulatory environment, an unpredictable economy, and competition and volatility in the markets make it very difficult to build and maintain a successful financial services practice. Where do you get support and encouragement? With whom can you discuss your concerns as well as your opportunities? Discussing sensitive issues with your sales manager might not always be practical. Financial Advisors at every level can benefit from a structured coaching program. Black Belt Business Advisors president, David Lopez, was a Dean Witter stockbroker, a Director of Training at Fleet Investment Management, a Vice President of Global Business Development at Scudder Kemper, a bank and independent Financial Advisor as well as a Regional Sales Manager with Citizens Investment Services and BancNorth Investment Group.

The Black Belt Financial Advisor Coaching Solution can assist with:     

  • Business plan development
  • Client management 
  • Time management
  • Practice management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Risk management
  • Value statement creation
  • Referral marketing strategies
  • Legacy planning
  • Goal setting
  • Presentation and communication skill development
  • Seminar selling
  • Working with junior advisors and administrative staff and more.


The Black Belt Business Advisors Financial Advisor Coaching Solution begins with a detailed analysis of your practice and a visioning exercise designed to create a mental image of your ultimate definition of success. Once the vision is created, a mission statement with a list of goals for the next 6 to 12 months is created. Specific action steps are then created with resources for support and accountability. 

Benefits of Becoming a Black Belt Business Advisors Financial Advisor Coaching client could include:

  • Increasing assets under management
  • More confidence and focus
  • Smooth transfer of "A" clients during a move
  • A resource to express your fears and concerns about your practice
  • Increased joy and happiness in your personal and professional lives
  • Mental preparedness for important client meetings
  • Increase of your sales and technical skills
  • A change of mindset enabling you to think bigger
  • An increase in GDC
  • Setting short term and long term goals
  • A resource to hold you accountable to completing key activities
  • More time to enjoy your family
  • Becoming more organized

Certified Business Coach David Lopez has the experience, education, and skill sets to help you progress to the next level of success for your practice. He was formally FINRA Series 6, 7, 24, 3, 63, 65 licensed as well as having attained the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation. He also had his Life Accident and Health licenses. He earned his Certified Business Coach designation from World Coach Institute. He has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Suffolk University. He teaches Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management courses at Babson College and Suffolk University. Coach David Lopez understands what you are trying to accomplish and genuinely cares about helping you to create the practice of your dreams.


“According to the International Coach Federation, 99% of coaching clients are satisfied with the overall experience. In fact, 96% indicated they would repeat the process given the same circumstances that prompted them seeking a coach in the first place.”

Source: World Coach Institute


"David helped me hone in on my relationship skills, portfolio management, and taking control of my business."

Matt B.

Financial Advisor


Financial Advisor Coaching Solution


6 Month Financial Advisor Coaching Program

6 60 minute monthly coaching sessions via Skype, Google Hangouts, or phone.

The total for a 6 month coaching package is $597.00. This includes any forms and tools beneficial towards your success and unlimited email support.This offer includes a money back guarantee at anytime for a full refund of any unused coaching sessions. 




To learn more about the Black Belt Business Advisors Financial Advisor Coaching Solution, please email us to schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session with Certified Business Coach David Lopez.

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