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Career Coaching

One of the greatest sources of pride from my 30 year career in business was my ability to successfully complete a job search campaign. The titles of Senior Trainer, Vice President Director of Training, Vice President Global Business Development, and Vice President Sales Manager and others did not happen by accident. Sometimes I was recruited by Human Resources or a headhunter based on my reputation. But more often, I landed these great positions as a result of a long, painful, soul crushing job search. During my career, I also had the benefit of career coaching and numerous resources provided by some of the top outplacement firms in the country. This experience allows me to completely emphathize with anyone who is in any phase of career transition. On the other side, as a hiring manager, I have reviewed over 1,000 resumes, interviewed and hired several hundred individuals for a variety of positions in a number of firms. Combined with my Life Coach certification and my Business Coach Certification. I feel completely confident that I can provide a premier level of Career Coaching to anyone who is preparing for a job search, career change, or even how to navigate the internal politics of a company and secure a much deserved promotion.

Challenges Faced When Conducting a Job Search

- Dealing with the inevitable cycle of rejection

- Emotional stress

- Reduction of structure and support

- Changes in relationships

- Lower self-esteem and self-confidence

- No plan for success

Hiring a Career Coach can be one of the best investments you can make in You, Inc. A Career Coach can help you to view your career opportunity in a clear and objective manner. A Career Coach can help you to assess your talents, skills, personality and values in a way that will enable you to continue your success in your current field, or even assist you in finding an exciting new direction.

Questions that working with a Career Coach can answer

What do I want to achieve in my career?

- Why am I not getting promoted?

- What is my skill development plan?

- How do I adjust to a new corporate culture?

- How do I tranistion to a new industry?


Black Belt Business Advisors Career Coaching can assist with:

- Resume review

- Job search action plan development

- Interview preparation

- Opportunity assessment

- Ideal work designer

- Skill development strategies


Based on my career history and my Life and Business Coaching Certifications, I am very confident that I can provide the support and encouragement you need and deserve in your career journey. Please complete the appointment request form below to schedule a free career review meeting. 


“According to the International Coach Federation, 99% of coaching clients are satisfied with the overall experience. In fact, 96% indicated they would repeat the process given the same circumstances that prompted them seeking a coach in the first place.”

Source: World Coach Institute



A one hour Career Coaching session with Certified Life and Business Coach David Lopez is $100.00.



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